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Chapter Sixteen -Sixth Sanctum :iconhanzatsu:hanzatsu 1 1
Reflected in your Eyes by hanzatsu Reflected in your Eyes :iconhanzatsu:hanzatsu 0 0 Gated by hanzatsu Gated :iconhanzatsu:hanzatsu 0 0 Bared Heart by hanzatsu Bared Heart :iconhanzatsu:hanzatsu 0 0 A Moment by hanzatsu A Moment :iconhanzatsu:hanzatsu 0 0 Tophat by hanzatsu Tophat :iconhanzatsu:hanzatsu 0 4
Chapter Fifteen -Sixth Sanctum
Chapter Fifteen
The smell of coffee brought me awake even before my alarm clock went off.  I had seven minutes to spare.  Normally something like that wouldn't have woken me.  I'm a pretty hard sleeper and not much of a morning person.  But I didn't drink coffee.  I didn't own coffee.  Hell, I'm pretty sure I didn't even own a coffee maker.
After rolling out of bed, a quick glimpse in the bathroom mirror while brushing my teeth forced me to brush and re-braid my hair before I went in search of the strange smell filling my apartment.  My hand itched to put a bit of makeup on but the notion was ridiculous.  I wasn't trying to impress anyone.  
The sight of Sam standing in my kitchen barefoot was almost too much.  He was fully dressed and looking impeccable but the bare feet- I couldn't stop looking at them.  They were well groomed, thankfully.  
He didn't say a word as
:iconhanzatsu:hanzatsu 0 8
Chapter Fourteen-Sixth Sanctum
Chapter Fourteen
"Right.  No problem.  Boy, this job gets easier and easier."  After momentarily closing my eyes, I opened them again to find Peor had vanished.  I wasn't surprised.  Ha, maybe I was slowly becoming numb.  I looked towards Sam and my heart sped up a notch.  Nope, not numb and now alone again with him.
"What?"  Sam all but growled as I sat watching him.  
I decided ignoring him and his mood was my best option so I stood and started cleaning up the plates and bottles from the living room.
After tidying up, I returned and sat in front of the papers that we'd collected from Marty's apartment.  
"You think that'll help you?"  
I turned my head slowly and looked at Sam.  If I hadn't been exhausted and at my wits end, it would have been hard to ignore how sexy he looked.  One of his long legs was stretched out and the other was half cocked up with h
:iconhanzatsu:hanzatsu 1 3
Chapter Thirteen-Sixth Sanctum
Chapter Thirteen
It took me a few moments to understand what was going on.  Sam was on his knees, his back facing me and he had his gun out and trained on someone standing in the middle of my entryway.  
There was someone standing in the middle of my entryway!
That someone was short and strange looking.  I would bet that he was only slightly above five feet tall.  I honestly wasn't even positive that it was a he but the voice sounded more masculine than feminine.  
He was attractive, slender.  His hair was blond and styled in a messy pixie cut.  His clothes were remarkably androgynous and well groomed.  He had nice hands.  I would have placed him as a stylist in a hair salon before I placed him as a bad guy.  But there he was, standing uninvited in my living room.  I couldn't understand how he got in.  I'd locked my doors and I'd heard nothing.
I glanced at Sam, confused.  "Do you know him?"
Sam was almost radiating anger.  Once again my breath was taken away as I looked at the man.  H
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Mature content
Chapter Twelve- Sixth Sanctum :iconhanzatsu:hanzatsu 0 0
Chapter Eleven - Sixth Sanctum
Chapter Eleven
We reached Sinful Sensations just as any signs of the sun were completely removed from the sky.  The club was in downtown Austin, in the section of town slightly apart from the main bar hubbub.  This particular section was for the more rebellious souls.  Punk bars, metal clubs, and a couple of goth hot spots.  Sinful Sensations was the premier place to be in the goth crowd and fetish scene.  
From the outside, the club didn't look overly impressive.  It was a two story building squished in between other buildings.  The brick was dull and the design lacking but the classy sign and elegant grill work over the windows was a small hint to what lay inside.
Although I wasn't particularly the club type of girl, I'd been here on occasion.  It was good for business and I did enjoy the music.  The club was ran incredibly well and Bastien and I had a reasonably friendly business relationship.&
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Mature content
Sins of Denial - Chapter Three :iconhanzatsu:hanzatsu 0 0
Chapter Ten - Sixth Sanctum
Chapter Ten
The meeting finally began and opened with a number of questions from hostile people.  
"Why is this an emergency?"
"Why didn't we talk about this yesterday?"
"Why did Alex keep this a secret?"
"Why doesn't anybody know this Shea character?"
Needless to say I was feeling a little attacked and more than a little hopeless.  Nobody here had any suggestions about who Shea was or what he was up to.  What little information we knew came from Sam who said that in the dive bars, people had been whispering for quite some time about some people messing around with demons in rituals and pulling quite a bit of manipulation and control spells.  
Nobody knew Marty and nobody knew Loba either.  It seems I was the only person here that got a good dose of the younger and less powerful in the scene.  They were the hangers on, the free loaders, the outskirt of our society but they were still a part of the community.  
Shea h
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Chapter Nine - Sixth Sanctum
Chapter Nine
Detective Sands whirled around but remained silent.
I stood, dragging my fingers through my hair. "Thank you." I had no idea
if Philip wanted me to acknowledge him as someone I knew.
I walked towards the door trying to keep my pace much slower than I felt like going. I glanced at Sands as I moved, "I wish you luck on the investigation, although I don't know how much faith I have seeing as how you're currently barking up the wrong tree."
As I turned away, I smiled at Philip. I'm sure the relief was written all over my face. He nodded imperceptibly to me.
Sam held out his hand, "Alex, I heard you were down here."
"Did Marabeth, my store assistant, call you?" I questioned.
He glanced at Philip and nodded, "Yes, from the store. I think you have her a bit worried."
"They just wanted to question me. A friend of mine has gone missing, I wanted to help the police in any way I could." I squeezed his hand and looked towards the entrance of the station. "Can we go?"
"Of course. Do yo
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A moment of pleasure. by hanzatsu A moment of pleasure. :iconhanzatsu:hanzatsu 0 3
Sins of Denial - Chapter Two
Chapter Two
Katherine approached us near close.  I had kept my eyes on her throughout the night.  She'd spent most of the time flirting with the same man that had been there when I'd bought Phillip the first drink.  Probably around her sixth drink, she was not wasted but she was good and tipsy.  
I knew she was upset.  As much fun as she had been having with her new beau, the abandonment of Phillip still ground at her.  Pride was not what had her so solidly in her grips but it was a by product of what did.  He was her play thing.  She was his bringer of pleasure.  The thought that someone else could fuel his desire played at her doubt.  Desire had been her gift for a long time now and if someone could slip through her fingers that meant she wasn't as good at it as she thought.  And if she wasn't the most desirable… than was she anything at all?
I could almost feel all of her em
:iconhanzatsu:hanzatsu 1 3


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I was all set to post today!!!

All set!!! And I even had a couple of extra pages because I decided to add to the chapter....

And DeviantArt went all mad crazy.  I tried to update for like an hour.  Everytime I clicked anything it just refreshed my homepage.  Argh, very frustrating.  And now it's finally working but I'm through at work and going home.  I'll post first thing in the morning.



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